“Go Against the Tide” #IPPTV

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Pastor Paweł Chojecki, New Covenant Church in Lublin, Poland

Translation: Paweł Machała

The newspaper we publish is quite unusual. The name itself – “Go Against the Tide” – suggests that you will find here views which come into direct conflict with widely promoted ideas and opinions. But most importantly, we wish to describe the reality not from the perspective of theology, dogmas or changeable church teachings but in accordance with God’s Word, the Bible. What is more, we believe that God provided you with the ability to decide independently whether our conclusions are really based on the Holy Scriptures. God did not addressed the Bible to the caste of priests or professors of theology but wrote it as a letter and sent it directly to you!

For many years, such concepts as “a Christian” or “Christian” have been greatly discredited in our homeland. This happened mainly “thanks to” a host of the religious Pharisees, so eagerly identifying themselves with these honorific titles. Our ambition is to contribute to restoring the term “a Christian” to its original meaning, which is “belonging to Christ”.