A day in protestants’ lives. The 2023 Megachurch Camp

“Be fertile soil” was the motto of this year’s Megachurch summer camp. For the last week of July, with over 250 people, we experienced fellowship among brothers and sisters, praised God with song and prayer, talked and studied the Bible together. We also had the pleasure of listening to a series of lectures by Zdzislaw Miara of the Mt28 Movement, in which he discussed in depth several aspects of Christian identity: what it is like to be a child of God, a brother of Jesus, an ambassador of heaven. New believers had the opportunity to talk about their conversion to Jesus and to be baptised. We also took to the streets of Lublin and neighbouring cities to spread the good news of free salvation in Christ to more people.

Here’s what our camp looked like from the inside! Kornelia will show you around 🙂
See what Protestants believe, what they do on Sunday, why there is a second baptism and how Protestants differ from Catholics.