“Genesis – Paradise Lost” movie – viewers’ thoughts

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“Fantastic movie! For me personally, this is a real breakthrough. The film is well prepared, very realistically depicted the history of the world according to the first chapter of the Bible. I always thought that the beginning of the Bible is just such a metaphor and that nobody treats it literally. I thought, like everyone, that those days could last millions of years and that it can be somehow connected with each other. Now I know you cannot do it. The arguments given in the film, both those referring to scientific discoveries and those arising from the Bible itself, do not leave any doubt that God created the world in six days. The most important arguments for me, however, are those arising from the Scriptures themselves, which show that if evolution is a fact, death, illness, violence were before man and before he sinned. If there was no Adam and Eve and there was no perfect Paradise with the Tree of Life, what is Christ leads us to according to the last verses of the Bible recorded in the Apocalypse? I believe that if we accept that the Word of God is God-inspired and true, then it is impossible to interpret the book of Genesis in any different way than literally. Thank you for this beautiful picture and also for your witness to faithfulness to Jesus and His Word.” Marek

“The movie Genesis was inspiring. It is the only movie that shows evidence after evidence how God created the Earth, how evolution is just another fiction plot, and lastly how the Bible describes every single aspect that has happened this far. I was simply amazed!” Ola

“The movie is amazing. It explains the whole issue related to creation. And you probably #IPPTV #Megachurchcan’t explain this topic in an easier way. One remark that I have is that it is necessary to ensure that there is a voiceover in Polish in the movie. A young person or someone not trained in fast reading is not able to keep up with the original. Personally, I do not have a problem with quick reading in my mind, but when I tried to read aloud, I admit, a bit of a challenge for the someone who wants to make a voiceover. Someone with visual impairment could also have a reading problem.” Aneta

#IPPTV #Megachurch“A “must-watch” for everyone. Great visual effects that allow you to almost “experience” the biblical creation. Impressive statements made by scientists, refuting the ubiquitous, false theory of evolution. The theory that denied Creation and so denied the Creator.
Who we are? Why are we here? Who is our Creator? These are questions of great importance … “Genesis” helps to open eyes to TRUTH.” Małgorzata

“Your work has made a great impression on me, starting from arguments and ending with the quality of movie workmanship. Its very helpfull with having a conversation with non-#IPPTV #Megakocsiol #MegaChurchreligious people and to understand and realizing how great is God creation. Thank u for this and God bless you all.” Best regards from Pole living on Iceland, Mateusz

“Amazing 1st ever visualization of how God created everything, in 3D. A MUST SEE!!! AMAZING!!!” Ivan

“I was delighted with the movie. An amazing projection, showing how everything was beautiful and perfect in large sizes and quantities, which proved that God did not stint us of anything and gave us everything necessary for life.” Kamila