#MegaChurch Newsletter – February 2018

KNP Newsletter February 2018

On 1st February we celebrated the second anniversairy of starting the daily programme titled ‘Kowalski & Chojecki LIVE’. The programme has helped us reach a great popularity. Our viewers had prepared a great birthday present – they funded an ad on a truck tarpaulin that will travel all over Poland. A few days later the ad was shown in the public TV main news programme watched by over half a milion viewers.

At the beginning of February, during a sermon on Sunday, we prayed for a wider publicity in the media. Just a few days later we got the message about the registration of the party, 11th November Movement, for which we’d been waiting since 13 December. The news got to all the media in Poland. God gave a lot of publicity to our new action I’m a Woman, #NotAFeminist. The action was especially talked about on leftist portals. The clip accompanying the action has reached over 1.5 million people. Praise God for that!

Thanks to the idea given to us by Prof. Marylin Gadomski and Prof. Harold L. Willmington from the Liberty University, we published ‘A Great Adventure with the Bible’, a 101-day long reading plan of the Bible, containing the most important chapters from both the Old and New Testament. Meant to be an experiment for its readers, the book quickly gained popularity despite the fact that reading the Bible is still an unknown activity among Polish people. Thank God we’re changing this trend.

Thank you for your prayers concerning the interview with Pastor Bob Fu from China Aid. We managed to have a 1.5-hour long talk with him, all of which was interpreted live. Pastor Bob Fu is soon visiting the UK and the European Parliament where he’ll be talking about persecutions in China. Please pray for the success of his mission. Our interview with translation into English: https://youtu.be/m92tbbtYx4A

There’s a new programme on our channel ‘Make Poland Great Again’ titled ‘Poland – a Jews’ Paradise’, which deals with almost 1,000-year-long history of Polish-Jewish relations: https://youtu.be/Lcpz5VhhTwo

Prayer matters:

– At the beginning of March we’re holding a creation conference with Dr Terry Mortenson, a geologist from Answers in Genesis, as the main guest. Pray for God’s blessing for the organization of this event and its publicity in the media.

– Pray for the wisdom necessary to develop our TV channel.

– Pray so that God gave Poland new Bible-believing elites, able to lead Poland through difficult times.

Thank you for your great support in prayers.

With best regards,

Paweł Chojecki 

Pastor of The Church of The New Covenant in Lublin
Go Against the Tide Magazine and TV, Editor-in-Chief