#MegaChurch Newsletter September 2018

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There is another PhD – creationist among us. Małgorzata Gazda’s doctoral thesis is probably the first doctoral dissertation in Poland’s recent history that challenges the theory of evolution. It is about a key scientific work in the theory of information and genetics, namely Professor Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell.” The thesis was written under the direction of Professor Kazimierz Jodkowski from the University of Zielona Góra. Professor has been dealing with the creationism vs. evolutionism dispute for years. Our warmest congratulations, Doctor Małgorzata Gazda!

We’ve been in the States for over a week now. We visited the Liberty University, where Kornelia Chojecka and Pastor Paweł Chojecki were able to present the current situation in Poland to local students. The lecture attracted over 100 students and scientists from the Psychology Department. The next day Professor Marilyn Gadomski gave an interview for our TV channel. God led us in a marvelous way so that we could meet people interested in cooperation with us in Poland. Pray for the fruit of these talks.

We also visited the Creation Museum and the Ark, where we talked with Professor Terry Mortenson about our future cooperation. We’re planning to publish one of the books recommended by Professor Mortenson.

On Saturday night, on 29 September, in Jackson Creek Fellowship Church, there was an evangelizing event and a meeting for Poles living in America from such places as Calgary, Montreal and Toronto in Canada and New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts. Poles from Chicago turned up as well and there were about 100 people in total. There was an interpreter who helped Americans understand the content of the meeting. The next day was a Polish-American Sunday meeting during which 9 Polish disciples of Christ who live in the States were baptized. Pastor Paweł Chojecki had a privilege to speak to the American church which deeply moved our American brothers. We pray so that it will be a breakthrough in the religious isolation of Poles in Chicago. We’re grateful to God for helping us find a church and a pastor who are open and ready to accept the Poles living around Chicago.

We still have about two weeks to spend in the USA. Pray so that God will bless us and help us meet the right people, so that He will give us wisdom and power to duly represent Jesus and Poland during the next meetings and so that we will safely come back home.

So fruitful was God’s work in Chicago that Poles living in other parts of the States got encouraged and are setting up new Bible groups. Pray for God’s blessing for those groups in Canada and the East Coast of the USA.

The MEGACHURCH website in English has been launched: megachurch.pl.

We recommend the MEGACHURCH brochure in English: https://issuu.com/idzpodprad/docs/megachurch and we’d like to invite you to visit Pastor Paweł Chojecki’s new website: pawelchojecki.pl.

Our church and editorial staff in Poland are working despite being weakened by our absence. Pray for them so that they will successfully do their duties till we’re back.

We baptized three more people in September, so there have been about 100 baptisms this year. A Polish Christian from Vilnius, Lithuania, visited us and she wants to start the first Bible group there. Pray for God’s blessing in this project.

We broadcast a live program with our “Go Against the Tide” clubs from all over the world. Most of them support us in the face of hostile activity of our former partner Marian Kowalski. The clubs are

really eager to work which can be best symbolized by the poster from our “Go Against the Tide” club in Chicago: “We’re moving on!”

#MegaChurch #Megakosciol #IPPTV